Who is Victor?

I’m Victor Roos,


This is obviously not me, but one of my work.

I’m an Interaction Strategist/designer. This is my 3rd year at Communications and Multimedia design, and you probably already looked at some of my work there.

I proud myself to be A THINKER, someone who asks QUESTIONS a lot and never think you know enough. That way I think you can learn the most amount about the world, the people I’m supposed to make concepts for and the client.

In the end, it is always Culture, agency and structures, and expectations and fantasy that decide how to make
something ordinary special. When does something work, when does a simple picture or text linger?

Other skills that I possess are a technical knowledge and insights in the continuously changing world. The bit advanced basics of de Adobe suite, especially Premiere.

Not to forget, when languages are concerned, my German and English are quite well.