Together to the destination, without the connection

Utrecht – Amersfoort 18-05

As I got out of the, the Train operator was standing on the platform, having a cigarette.
The way he stood there, with the massive train behind him, was quite fascinating to me. I asked whether I was allowed to take a picture, which I wasn’t unfortunately.

However, he still was nice, so I asked him how long he has been doing the job.
’30 years he answered. 30 long, often beautiful, and often frustrating years. Once it drives, it is gorgeous, the world “zoefs” by, and especially in the “Plan Z” (aka “koploper”) you are high above the tracks, which elevates me even more from the world. The only thing that counts are the tracks, the lights and the speed.’

Why I still do the job? What keeps me sane you mean “wink”?
The thought that together with my passengers, even me being that far away from them arrive together at the destination. I deliver them to a point where they can continue with their life.